Daily Archives: August 15, 2011

A Place for Dreaming

Over the years we’ve lived so many stories on this land my journal entries could fill an 18th century armoire.  In truth, La Tourbeille is such an out of world/out of time place, she should really be the subject of sonnets.  Even the postman goes poet when he steps on the land.  He brings extra junk mail as an excuse when he can’t fill the box with bills; he lingers and chats and reminds me every day that we live in a “magical” place.  For sure, this is a place that makes people dream.  Maybe that’s why I’m trying to write […]

Grapes and Old Stones– the Blog

Be careful what you wish for. They say be careful what you wish for, but I guess we weren’t.  My husband’s standing prayer for years was, “Just some grapes and old stones.”  I added, “please, God” and a bit of hocus pocus.  And then one day, there we were.  Bound and shackled to the endless mending of centuries’ old stone buildings and risking our savings to revive a vineyard.  One result is this almanac of what life has become; not exactly what we wished for, and not exactly what we would have wrought if we’d had the prescience to know […]