It’s Time: Harvest Tomorrow 5

After a sunny week the balance tipped.   Labour starts tomorrow at dawn.

You can hear the tremor in some neighbor’s voices; worry about the weather, scare stories.  A scramble to get the Merlots in as fast as possible. 

We spend this weekend quietly preparing the winery, controlling what we can.  Not a tube or tank is left un-scoured.

Suddenly, a black cloud passes overhead.  We put down our brushes to watch it move on, thinking we’ve been spared.  But then rain and hail fall from a sky bright with sunlight just a kilometer to the west.

Holding our breath we make an inspection in the last of the rain and thunder.

And breathe out.  The valiant little berries are holding on.

Not a career for the faint of heart.  Crossing our fingers.  Looking for signs.

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