Merlots 2013 3

The whole village didn’t show up, it just seemed that way.

In the middle of a season that local newspapers are pronouncing catastrophique, neighbors dropped by to check in, swap stories, lend a hand.

Wilfrid from Carbonneau loaned us his pompe à marc and his characteristic serenity.  Alfred from Roberterie offered philosophy and the wisdom of choosing a benevolent insurance agent. 

Laurent from Haut Redon came with the latest in machinery.  When the tractor and wagon pulled up, out popped the village Mayor, his father and our driver of grapes.

8 tons of Merlot.

With the grapes safely inside the chai, the villagers left us to fuss; we spent the rest of the day carefully tucking away the harvest.  A winery in action is all pipes and tubes and pumps and water everywhere.  High rubber boots and bumping into each other.

It was almost midnight by the time we prepared the yeast (in the makeshift kitchen corner) 

and tasted the first run juice.

Inside the Vat - Clarifying the First Run Juice

Tasting the First Run Juice

Sighed with relief.  So far, so good.  Fell into bed looking forward to a week or so of tending this fermentation before it’s time to collect the Cabernet Sauvignons.


No rest for the wicked.  Our oenologue just dropped by for her check up. Time to scramble, the Cabs are almost ready.

Our neighbors:

Chateau Haut Redon 33890 Juillac

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