Rosé 2014 – L’esprit de Jeanne 7

Every land needs a protective spirit.   But where do they come from?   Are they settled in a place depuis la nuit des temps?   Do they migrate in search of suitable territory, like pollinators looking for a place where they can thrive?

A few years ago we found our protective spirit hovering near the grotto in the woods. The place was wild, hidden by thorn bushes, inaccessible except to forest animals, asleep for decades.  Here the water flows right out of the rock cliff wall, filtered by fronds and moss and ferns, sweet and delicious.

the hidden grotto

the hidden grotto

Our spirit is an adolescent girl and an ancient woman of the forest.  Her name is Jeanne.  She is a shepherdess and a sorceress, a shy elf and a warrior, a fierce defender of the wood creatures and all good living things.  Woe is he who provokes her righteous indignation, for she is a formidable force, and the Rocklings are her special friends.

There are those who say that the fairies and elves are leaving us because we are poisoning this world; that since they are composed of true-ness they cannot survive in the murk. But is there nothing we can do to ensure that some places are pure enough to entice them to stay?

Maybe it’s time to take a stand.  Set aside your weapons, take off your shoes, don your robes of white and pink, the colors of purity and love.  This is a protected place. This is Jeanne’s abode.

Labeling day was a special occasion here, for Jeanne is the emblem of our debutante Rosé.  We think this is what the protectrice might look like on a day in Spring.

Rosé 2014 – L’esprit de Jeanne

Rosé 2014 – L’esprit de Jeanne

Post script

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank the very talented artist, Peter Reynolds, for allowing us to use a drawing he made when our children were young.  I invite you to visit Peter’s site where his wonderful drawings and illustrations reveal his particular love for helping children find their way through art.

Peter H. Reynolds

308 Congress Street, 6th Floor, Boston, MA 02210


* depuis la nuit des temps = since the beginning of time


Some photos of labeling day with Jeanne:

Mary & Jeanne

rosy bottles

John labeling day

Rose in boxes


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7 thoughts on “Rosé 2014 – L’esprit de Jeanne

  • Maillard-Latty Camille

    Good to read you. To see John and you while operating !!! It is like drinking some of your fresh-blown Rosé… It has been long since you sent news. Thanks for joining your talents : writing and wine, both to be discovered and savoured.
    Sometimes, you will explain me who The Rocklings are supposed to be? May be , in the next letter from La Tourbeille?
    Coming to Paris some days?
    With all my love
    Your Camille


  • Claire

    on this day, le jour de la femme, we learn about Jeanne!
    I have been waiting for this story ever since Jeanne was just a concept and it is a wonderful story… a beginning!
    Bravo Jeanne!
    Bravo John and Mary!

  • Béatrice ISSERLIS

    Quel merveilleux conte de fée!….Que Jeanne devienne une aussi belle histoire pour elle, que pour vous. Continuez à nous surprendre et à nous donner envie de nouvelles aventures. Vous nous montrez le chemin et je vous félicite cher John et chère Mary. Jeanne est une ravissante bouteille que j’espère déguster un jour et m’impregner ainsi de la pureté de son esprit.
    On pense fort à vous deux,
    Love from
    Béatrice et Michel

  • Lori Richards

    With you, Mary Sandifer, I stand in robes of white and pink. Where you are, we find fairies and elves. Where you are, we find purity and love. Where you are, we find true-ness. What a blessing to know Jeanne is there, too, keeping you company.

  • Laura Sandifer McGown

    What a wonderful and delightful story! I always felt that with all the history of La Tourbeille that there was something mystical. Your writing and descriptions are vivid.
    I am anxious to taste the new wine. And I would like a case of the red. Please tell me how to get it to Fort Worth.
    Fondest regards from Texas to all there.