Quarantine 5

Household under self imposed CWQ  (Creative Winter Quarantine).  A few rituals for hiding beneath the surface of regular life:

Chain oneself to a work post and pray that gestation will evoke some magic.

Go down to the Grotto in the woods, listen to the water fall.  Fill as many bottles as you can carry, drink the rest.  The water is soft and sweet and tasting of round minerals.

the Grotto


Crisscross under the stone ridge heeding the sound of chipping.  Discover John under the cliff, chisel in hand, searching for essence in an enormous oak limb.  We agree to break silence.  Discuss the brazenness of foxes.

sculpting an old oak limb

sculpting an oak limb

Climb back to the top, embrace an ancient oak. Contemplate the power of their root system via the mirror of their crowns.

oak boughs mirror their roots deep below the surface of the earth

oak boughs – a mirror of their roots

Hop on bikes.  Geneviève and I revel in the anachronism of our neighboring hamlet.    We never run over the geese.

the geese in our neighborhood

the neighborhood geese

Meditate in the late afternoon sunlight.

meditation in the last of the winter light

in the last rays of winter light

Encounter Henri emerging from music or writing.  Examine the progress of soil working in the dark, under the surface of nicely decomposing wood chips.  Marvel at the miracle of mycorrihizae.

checking the soil for mycorrihizae

checking for mycorrihizae

mycorrihizal association just under the surface

mycorrihizal association working so hard just under the surface – see those tiny filaments?

Chain oneself to a desk again.  It takes discipline to avoid doing the important things one should be doing.

End each day with a late night walk along the ridge.  Air is loamy and sweet.  Acorns crunch underfoot.  Lights from the village below twinkle like a fairy tale.

village in the valley below at moonrise

village in the valley below, moonrise

Tune into the oak boughs in the wind, just audible above the velvet silence.  No talking necessary.

oak boughs on stone ridge

oak boughs on stone ridge




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5 thoughts on “Quarantine

  • Christopher Pearson

    Bravo Mary! There is something immensely cheering about this in the midst of a dark and incredibly wet New Year’s Eve here in the west of England. Thank you, may the writer’s inspiration return, and our very best wishes for the New Year and love from us all at Ham Gate

    • cepage Post author

      And Happy New Year to you too, Chris! I wish we could share a bit of your rain. I love thinking of you all, basking in that earthy English green-ness. Love, Mary

  • Seyller Gisèle

    Bonsoir Mary
    Très heureuse de pouvoir vous suivre en passant par la Tourbeille.
    Je vous souhaite un joyeux réveillon et vous présente mes voeux pour cette nouvelle année. Qu’un joli Arc-en-Ciel de couleurs se pose sur votre vie et vous apporte beaucoup de bonheur ! vive 2016
    bien amicalement

  • Camille Maillard-Latty

    “Just audible above the velvet silence. No talking necessary.”
    Méditation subtile en cette veillée de nouvelle année.
    Thank you Mary. There is no distance between us.

  • Lori Richards

    My thanks for blessing this last day of 2015 with your magic. I’m surrounding beautiful you and the other lovely Sandifers with my love and abundant blessings of joy, grace, beauty, sweetness and peace in the New Year.

    I love you,