Winter Solstice 2016 – Tuning the Radio 2

At first we were just ruminating and tinkering.  How to entice beneficial micro critters into the soil; how to prepare potions from the “weeds” in the prairies…

Oak Ridge, Winter Solstice, First Frost

Oak Ridge, Winter Solstice, First Frost

At first it was mostly amusing.  Stumbling on Henri’s odorific jars of fermented vegetables in my linen closet (sauerkraut and the like for healthy gut flora); trolling a pasture for fresh cow patties to fashion a “praline” dip for fragile tree roots.

Just trying things out, trying to find our north.

In our ramblings, we sought out the rural elders. They proudly hobble around their havens of pre 50’s bio diversity, amidst beehives and herbal remedy gardens, spouting gems of know-how that reach back centuries.  Over a glass of apple cider, they use the analogy of monoculture crops to explain why some societies are imploding:

“When you cultivate by Nature’s laws, you think about balance.  You don’t poison the predators; you keep them in check by helping the plant be strong.   A sick plant is easy prey.   Just like a family.  A village.  A country.”

Not all that long ago, such words crackled like faint radio signals on a frequency almost out of range.   And then, I don’t remember when, messages started multiplying.  I guess my ears had pricked up.  They say you tune into the frequencies that most match your own.  Kindred ideas.  Like we’re all reading the same book.

People are calling this a time of darkness.   But I tune up my hearing and something else floods in.

P.  from DC:  “When I was a child, people sat on their front porch after dinner and chatted with their neighbors strolling on the street. Then they got tv and air conditioning.”

Q.  from Texas:  “The swing to the right is affecting the entire planet as it appeals to the less attractive aspects of human nature. All we can do is stand fast, behave better and reinforce the other side of the pendulum. The world will right itself.”

D.  from Paris:  “We are pinpoints of light.  One by one, we connect.”

J.  from Petit Roque:   “There have been times of darkness before when I have despaired. But this time, with even more at stake, it is not despair I sense, it’s hope.”

Watching tv with the windows sealed and the AC cranked up high.  Easy for darkness to slip in and get comfy.  A sick plant is easy prey.

And yet.  And yet…

C.  from San Francisco writes a poem about her friend:  “She was a starburst of joy.”

We all know someone who is a starburst of joy.  People who act out of joy, not fear.  They say they see the gathering of the Light.  Troops calling.  Squadrons rising.

Monsieur Anthony from Audiguey:  “Predators aren’t interested in healthy plants.”

S. from New York:  “Get good shoes. We’ll be on our feet a lot now.”

The light always wins out.


Sunrise, Winter Solstice, Ancient Oaks

Sunrise, Winter Solstice, Ancient Oaks






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2 thoughts on “Winter Solstice 2016 – Tuning the Radio

  • Pam Pawley

    Oh Mary, I could read your writings for hours. It is so very poetic and beautiful. I always await with an eager heart to receive the next post of “Mary’s Music in Poetry”.

    Thank you sweet cousin for always filling my heart with such beautiful joy.

    Wishing you and your family a very Blessed Christmas Season and a New Year filled with peace and joy.


  • Steven Lawrence

    Dear Mary, thank you for composing such a beautiful and uplifting Winter Solstice message. It made my day. Like you I am hopeful. One advantage of living for 6+ decades is perspective – we know the pendulum will eventually swing back. But with the planet running out of time and doors being closed on refugees, we can’t just wait for the forces of negativity and nostalgia to fail. We must do all we can now to bring the light. Your blog is a wonderful companion to have during these times. Best wishes from Helen, Ian and me to the entire Petite Roque clan for 2017. Steve