The Wish Box 9

When the children were small we started a ritual.  Since their favorite fairy tales were mostly about dreams coming true, I wanted to help them make their dreams come true.  So we started a Wish Box.  That first year we rode our bikes to the Thames in the dark, lit candles, read a poem.  Warm cinnamon cider from a thermos for them, brandy in a flask for us.  We breathed our wishes into the river.  At home we wrote them down on little index cards, packed them in a chocolate box we decorated, closed the box, breathed and wished hard.  Ate the chocolates.

The Wish Boxes

With time our rituals have become more elaborate.  Now we drink champagne, eat foie gras, open the box of Last Year’s Wishes and share the scribbles that remind us where we were in our lives a year ago. This gathered moment of recollection has become one of the most vital and joyful events of our year. Then another glass of champagne as we sit silently and pick up our pens.  We write with intent.


Those tiny index cards have now become outsized tomes.  Gone is the childlike ability to wish for only three things.  The Old Wish Box is stuffed with dreams for ourselves, our loved ones, the whole wide world.  We place our wishes in the New Wish Box, breathe intent into them, see our dreams take wing.

After everyone has gone to bed, I close up the box, pack it carefully in a secret drawer and wait for the dreams to sprout in the darkness of winter.

Happy New Year.   Wishes of joy.

Three of my Wishes Come True


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9 thoughts on “The Wish Box

  • Jonathan Meath

    I <3 rituals. This one is fantastic, lovely and binding. Perfect. My wish is that you will all be able to continue the ritual unbroken. The picture and it's caption sez it all.

  • Helen Garrett

    What beautiful rituals and memories you are giving each other. Inspiring. As Genevieve wrote “Pretty Cool!” Appreciate you sharing.

  • Laura Sandifer McGown

    What a great tradition! To review old wishes must inspire new wishes! I hope the past wishes have been fullfilled…I will find a secure place to put my thoughts for 2014.

  • Sally Pearson

    Oh Mary, how lovely, we should all have a Wish Box. Maybe Rosemary and Eddie should start one for the dreams they have of their life together, they got engaged in Venice on Monday.

  • Pamela Hogan

    What a beautiful tradition! Wishing all of you everything good in the New Year
    Love, Pam + Jeff + Aaron + Ryder

  • Meriem Deramchi

    Oh Mary! Every one should have a wish box like Yours. What a lovely and Nice idéal. Geneviève, Julien and Henri look gorgeous.
    I wish to all of you Many Many happy years filled with wonderful surprises.
    Much love from Algiers
    Ps: Henri ressemble à un acteur de cinéma!!
    Je vous aime