Our First Gold 10

It never even crossed my mind to wish.  You spend your energy trying to make something, often in the dark, not quite sure where it’s all going.  Then suddenly a light snaps on. You’re actually on a path.

Our First Gold Medal.  From the Concours de Bordeaux, for La Tourbeille 2012.

La Tourbeille 2012 - Gold Medal - Concours de Bordeaux

La Tourbeille 2012 – Gold Medal – Concours de Bordeaux

When we recovered from the surprise and stopped hopping up and down like six-year-olds, we took a look back at 2012.    A few moments from that vintage:

Denis -  Harvest Begins

Denis – Harvest Begins

Wilfrid and John - 2012 - Grapes Coming In

Wilfrid* and John – 2012 – Grapes Coming In

Genevieve, Harvest Day 2012

Genevieve, Harvest Day 2012

Henri, Bottling Day of Vintage 2012

Henri, Bottling Day of Vintage 2012

A good vintage.  Many wonderful helpers along the way.

Thanks to all of you who walked with us, when we couldn’t even see two steps ahead.


(*Wifrid Franc de Ferriere, our neighbor and old friend from Chateau Carbonneau:  www.chateau-carbonneau.com)



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10 thoughts on “Our First Gold

  • Felice Firestone

    I eagerly read all your interesting posts and always intend to respond promptly.
    Somehow time passes and I don’t do it. Shameful. This news REQUIRES immediate congratulations. Very wonderful. I must find a way to get some of this award-winning wine! I think a trip to the source would be the answer. Congratulations to all of you.

  • Claire et Charles-Henri

    Petrus, Figeac, Haut-Brion tremblez ! La Tourbeille arrive…
    Un très grand bravo à ce superbe travail d’équipe !

  • Bernard & Christiane SAINTE-Marie

    Wonderful news. Claire was your marketing department on this one. A bientôt from Christiane, Bernard and grandson Axel

  • David Craig

    Congratulations Mary and John, thats incredible news and clearly well deserved! I love the photos! David and Elizabeth

  • Henry Eakland

    Oh, how I remember well a summer week in 1973 visiting your sister Claire at La Tourbeille as I finished up my bicycle trek from Paris after an amazing Junior Year Abroad. The visit with Claire and your lovely parents and several other Sweet Briar College copines was one that I will never forget. And now you are extending a proud tradition of loving that particular part of France, and it is paying you back in kind. Congratulations! I can’t wait until my wife, Kerry, and I visit with Claire and Ty again and have a chance to actually enjoy the fruits of your labor. All the best in years to come! _henry