Epiphany 5

Dark of winter. Dark when you rise, dark when you come in from chores.

I ran into a neighboring farmer this week. He works with his mother now because as a family of two they can do the work of five paid employees. It’s how many small producers survive. He lamented his divorce: “In family agriculture we live by a different rhythm from the rest of society.  By the seasons, by the sun, moon, the sap rising or falling, the needs of the animals. Income is a worry, but at least we believe in our work. Sometimes this is impossible to reconcile, even with someone you love.”

Today is the feast of the Epiphany, Three Kings recognizing the divinity in a baby in a cow manger. Epiphanies make me think of our local farmers. They live ephiphanies all the time, they just don’t write poems about them.

I’ve grown to love the dark, deep freeze of winter – time to hibernate, go to bed early, hatch an idea to sow in the spring.  All seasons have their charm.  But this one is best for dreaming.

Dark of winter, dawn on the river

Dark of winter, dawn on the river

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5 thoughts on “Epiphany

  • christine

    Have sweet dreams dear Mary,
    l’ensemble de nos rêves réunis dessinera la trame de notre printemps.
    Je penserai à vous et à votre travail de transformation de la nature en dégustant une de vos bouteilles avec JC. (je dois aller les chercher chez Dominique!)
    Bons baisers de Paris

  • Gisèle Seyller

    La vie d’agriculteur est rude, c’est vrai, mais rêver fait partie de al vie, et ne dit-on pas que “le rêve est la richesse du pauvre”

    J’adore cette belle photo vue du Gîte la Petite Roque et les couleurs de celle en coouverture sont magnifiques ! bravo au photographe , c’est magique…

    Belle année 2015 pour votre production “la Tourbeille”

  • Steven Lawrence

    In your words and photo you have captured what’s enchanting about winter. Lovely! To send something back, an excerpt from an Updike poem,

    “The days are short,
    The sun a spark
    Hung thin between
    The dark and dark.”

    Happy New Year and sweet winter dreams!